History of The "Go Ye" Mission and Markoma

1942 - Soloman Mouttet sees the need to spread the Gospel to people living in rural Oklahoma and Arkansas.

1943 - Daily Vacation Bible Schools are started in County school buildings for children to attend during summer months.

1944 - The Scripture Memory Program is presented to children throughout the year, reaching upwards of 14,000 students every month. 500 memorized bible verses earned a free week at camp.

1947 - Bacone College, near Muskogee, becomes first "Go Ye" Mission campsite for children.

1948 - John R. Janzen purchases 95 acres for "Go Ye" Mission on Illinois River. This property later becomes Camp Look-Away. A Christian bookstore is also established in Muskogee.

1953 - Rev. Mouttet goes to be with the Lord and son Homer becomes President of The "Go Ye" Mission. Laverne Steiner is Camp Director at Camp Look-Away when Mrs. Ruth Graham approaches both men that "Go Ye" Mission should buy her farm near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. This farm was later purchased by R. J. Stucky and donated to The "Go Ye" Mission.

1958 - "Go Ye" Mission headquarters is built on northeast corner of farm. Mission offices, a print shop and mailing room were all contained there for 15 years. The West 4th Street Print Shop, run by Mr. Laverne Steiner, was open for business to the public for many years.

1961 - Markoma Bible Academy, a Christian high school built on the Graham farm, opens its doors to receive students. Wilbert and Ruth Unruh moved to the acreage. Ruth was the dietitian and later house mother. Wilbert became "Mr. Fix-it."

1964 - First class of students graduated from Markoma Bible Academy.

1970 - Mailbox Ministries is established reaching out to prisoners everywhere. This ministry later merged with Christ for Me.

1990 - Don Evans began a Bible-teaching ministry among Spanish speaking prisoners.

2004 The "Go Ye" Mission, Inc. is renamed Markoma Christian Ministries, Inc.

2005 - After teaching students the word of God for over 40 years, Markoma Christian School, formerly Markoma Bible Academy, closes its doors due to severe financial difficulties and a lack of students.

2006 A deficit of over $500,000 forces the sale of the Markoma Christian School. While the school is gone, the spirit of it will remain with us forever.

2007 - Proceeds of the sale were invested in a foundation.  Since then, interest from the investment has been awarded as scholarships for Markoma Alumni and Shiloh Christian School.

2007-2017 - Scholarships awarded: Markoma Alumni--$66,600, and Shiloh Christian School--$291,125.